The latest ECCO "Central Estimate" product (Version 4, Release 4) is comprised of over 100 ocean, sea-ice, and atmospheric surface parameters spanning from 1992-Jan-01 to 2018-Jan-01. The complete ECCO V4r4 product exceeds 3TB across more than 385,000 granules, available from NASA's Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC). This page allows you to subset and filter the 90 products now available at PO.DAAC.

Most parameters are available on two spatial grids: 1/2° latitude-longitude grid ("lat-lon") and ECCO's native model grid "lat-lon-cap 90" ("llc90"). Below is one product example shown as lat-lon and llc90 grids.

example lat-lon image
example llc90 image

Note, however, that some parameters are provided as global-mean time series or other non-mapped grids.

Most of these parameters are provided as both daily and monthly time averages. Also, a subset are provided as instantaneous snapshots to support closed budget analyses.

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This page is designed to help you navigate among these options, providing direct links to data sets at the PO.DAAC. Results below link to ECCO Version 4 Release 4 unless otherwise indicated.

To help you identify the types of data available, we provide icons for the 19 topical areas addressed by ECCO.

Click any icon above to SHOW that topical area in the list below. You can also filter your results by Grid or Time below by clicking the appropriate buttons. Click any tile below to access the ECCO dataset at PO.DAAC.

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